- Over at Gamasutra, the ever-handy John Harris has just delivered 'Game Design Essentials: 20 Difficult Games', the first in a series of, yes, list articles - but list articles that find some interesting angles and provide concrete design lessons for game professionals. Or that's the idea!

As he notes in the intro: "Certainly, difficulty in a video game must be handled carefully. Nothing attracts the ire of those fickle game bloggers quite like them getting their asses handed to them by a game. And it is possible to make a game arbitrarily difficult without too much effort."

I won't give away the full contents of the list (which already made front page on Digg and hopelessly broke our site briefly as a result), but here's a salient disclaimer: "Take note, although some of the hardest games ever made are on this list, it is by no means a list of the absolute hardest games. That’s why it includes Mischief Makers before Alien Storm; not because the latter game isn’t harder, but because Mischief Makers’ difficulty is particularly instructive. Of course, both of them pale before the terrible majesty of Sinistar." So go poke and disagree noisily, already.