- Well, no question mark, really, since industry board Quarter To Three has been discussing what's happened to Computer Games Magazine since it was shut down by TheGlobe.com back in March, and the new owner, Paul Travaglino, has stepped forward.

Travaglino reveals in his post: "Yes, I'm trying to re-launch CGM. Website first. Mostly because the site was neglected and some things are not working properly since the acquisition but also because I feel it's the quickest way to reconnect with the audience of the magazine." Indeed, the site, which was down earlier in the week, is up now with a short note from Paul about plans.

Anyhow, Travaglino later adds: "For the record: I basically acquired the intellectual property and content, etc., and assumed only the subscriber-related liabilities. I am negotiating to give all subscribers a subscription to another gaming magazine because I think it's the right thing to do, in the interim. Plus, when CGM re-launches I will honor the original CGM subscription, copy-for-copy."

Finally, why even consider print in today's market? Travaglino, who is also working on Kitchen Magazine (!), explains why he picked up the print-centric property: "I understand publishing. I've done it before. I believe in magazines... printed ones, that is. Although you could argue that computer/video gaming magazines are prime candidates for going digital-only, I still believe that a quality print magazine can differentiate itself from amongst the pack."

For what it's worth, I've been very keen to make sure the Computer Games Magazine legacy isn't completely lost, and was at one point in some fairly serious negotiations with TheGlobe about picking up rights to the back catalog of CGM/Massive. But Paul came in and has worked out a sweeter deal to possibly keep the properties running, and to be honest, that's even better than just archiving the old content. I hope he can work everything out - and maybe we'll look at licensing old content too, as contracts permit!

[UPDATE: Ah, and I just spotted that he's announced it on his blog, so I can reference what former CGM editor-in-chief Steve Bauman is up to: "I’m working as an entry-level associate junior producer-like guy at Redmond’s own Gas Powered Games, makers of fine family entertainment like Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, and the just-announced today Space Siege. I am not, however, working on any of those games or franchises or series’ or sequels. Or anything else rumored or announced. In fact, nothing I’m working on actually exists. And if it/they did, I couldn’t tell anyone." Congrats, Steve.]