- Looks like there's not one, but two high-quality game competitions which have been showcasing their entries recently on the ol' Interweb. Firstly, and more accessibly, there's the Assembly 2007 Game Development Competition entries, including a multitude of those clever demo-scene-ish Europeans and ingenious games.

After having previously produced the infamous 'Stair Dismount', this Assembly has birthed 'A Tribute to the Rolling Boulder' by Kloonigames' Petri Purho, among others: "A fun action game, in which you play as the infamous rolling boulder and roll over archaeologists.You get to smash and crash the little guys as you try to protect the honor of the golden idols of fertility from the nasty grave diggers." Another awesome idea!

Elsewhere, the results for Microsoft's Dream Build Play XNA game competition are due at GameFest next month, and there's a list of finalists with screenshots on the official site, but Ziggyware has got pictures and videos of the known ones, including Windows and XNA executables where possible. Sure, there's some primitive stuff there too, but there's Xtreme Table Soccer (woo!) and some really sophisticated-looking titles to pick through.