- Over at the Game Design Advance blog, which is actually an NYU class weblog, apparently, there's a long, fun post extolling PSP game Dungeon Maker: Hunting Ground, which sneaked out late last month to mixed reviews and almost total obscurity, but looks like it's worth checking out.

He explains of the XSeed-published title: "Have there been any other games which involve building your own levels, piece-by-piece, and then stalking through them yourself to hunt for monsters and treasures, Gauntlet-style? I think not. Sure, there’s been titles like Molyneux’s Dungeon Keeper which allowed players to design levels and attract bait NPCs, but they didn’t allow you to actually jump in and roam around those levels yourself." [Feel free to point some out now, of course.]

He also has some interesting comments about how Grand Theft Auto could benefit from the game's concepts (!): "After riding along with Dungeon Maker for a month, I think that the Rockstar people could learn a lesson or two from this game, albeit in small ways– if you’re going to build a criminal empire, after all, wouldn’t it be fun to actually build a few things for real? I mean, you’re in organized crime, for crying out loud!... Crime can be a big boost to a city’s economy (just look at Miami in the 80’s), so wouldn’t it be interesting if you could try to legitimize yourself as a kind of Donald Trump and erect skyscrapers across the landscape?"