- Over at Wired, Clive Thompson's latest column is called 'These Games Are So Bad, It's Not Funny', and it examines a rather interesting question: "Why isn't there such a thing as "B game" -- a game so bad it's good?"

He explains: "Certainly, the phenomenon exists in every other form of entertainment. Everyone loves B movies -- films that are so atrociously acted and scripted that they become perversely enjoyable. There's also plenty of B television. (For two seasons I religiously followed Pam Anderson's show V.I.P., mostly for the odd joy of tallying up the clichés and acting so wooden it was nearly Brechtian.)"

But no such luck for games? Thompson thinks: "B games don't exist because a game isn't something you watch; it's something you do. It's impossible to distance yourself from the badness." Hm... actually, Clive, I propose that there's an equivalent, and it's the relatively playable game that has a gorgeously stereotypical concept/plot.

For me, this is particularly the case for European-developed games using American urban themes - for example, Remedy's Max Payne series and the fabled Colors for Gizmondo (which yes, we've played). Opinions?