- Those LucasArts loons at The International House Of Mojo have been kind enough to point out a great-looking new freeware PC graphical adventure called 'What Makes You Tick?.

As the 'About' page handily explains: "“What Makes You Tick?” is a freeware adventure game by Matt Kempke, that was created using the LASSIE Engine. WMYT is a homage to the classic adventure games like “Monkey Island”, “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis” or “The Dig”, but still it tells its very own story in its very own style. The game was developed over one and a half years and finally released in May 2007."

There's a neat interview with Matt on the Lassie site too - and it seems like the adventure is fairly refreshingly highbrow, in a PD-borrowing stylee: "The game was inspired by "The Sandman" ("Der Sandmann"), a story written in 1817 by ETA Hoffman. The basic idea that always fascinated me about the story was later changed in the game, but some names and motives remain." Nice art, too.