- So you may have heard that Majesco is releasing Wii-exclusive title Blast Works, a Budcat Creations-developed product which, as we noted on Gamasutra, is "...a port of Kenta Cho's PC side-scrolling shooter Tumiki Fighters", a great free title from one of the dojin shooter masters.

But what's really odd is that the original Majesco press release for the title completely fails to mention Cho or Tumiki Fighters anywhere. The2Bears has a follow-up post on this which helps explain just why, translating a Japanese-language post on Kenta Cho's weblog as follows:

"Looks like Majesco’s press release is out. Earlier, Majesco and Budcat asked whether it was okay to port Tumiki Fighters to the Wii, and since there should be something in the BSD License about replying ‘feel free to do as you please’, it looks like they’re really going to push through with it…"

So, this is... strange, to say the least. BSD licenses, as Wikipedia explains, "...have few restrictions compared to other free software licenses such as the GNU GPL or even the default restrictions provided by copyright, putting it relatively closer to the public domain." And that's what Tumiki Fighters was released under.

Therefore, it looks like technically, Majesco and Budcat only have to adhere to these rules to release a new version of Cho's game on Wii: "Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the [a] copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution... Neither the name of the nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission."

Presumably this last reason is why Kenta Cho's name is nowhere to be seen on the Majesco release. In another recent interview with Generation Gamerz, Cho confirms: "I'd received an offer of porting TUMIKI Fighters to Wii from Majesco and Budcat and I replied [they could] feel free to use it under the BSD license." So he was definitely aware of this impending conversion.

Anyhow, while Majesco don't have to mention Cho, and he may not want any money or input into this Wii version, I personally think it would be only fair if his name was somewhere in the credits - 'Based on an original concept by...', or similar. I submitted some questions to Majesco through their PR agency to see if they intend to do this, and will update this post with any comments from them.

[UPDATE: Interestingly, Majesco's press release on its E3 line-up specifically states that Blast Works is "...developed by Budcat Creations and based on the popular Tumiki Fighters online game." Good to see them crediting it. In addition, Majesco's PR rep replied to my questioning: "We actually won't be accommodating interviewing for Blast Works until the game ships this fall."]