- Unlikely press releases are a staple of GameSetWatch, of course, and here's both an odd and cute one: "Yesterday was the highly anticipated release of NCAA Football ’08 by EA Sports--- and now the game play is more realistic than ever thanks to The Weather Channel Interactive."

Oh yeah? "As you consider a product review or update your coverage of this release, you should note that the latest version of this college football video game uses up to the minute information from The Weather Channel Interactive (TWCI) to reflect accurate, real-time weather conditions at NCAA stadiums."

"For instance, if a winter storm threatens the Northeast, the Eagles of Boston College will play through the snow. Hurricane threatens Florida? See how the Gators field goal kicker deals with 50 mph winds. Through a deal with EA Sports, the sporting division of Electronic Arts, The Weather Channel will provide real-time weather to the game via the Internet."

That's actually kinda fun. Here's more specifics: "TWCI provides a custom weather data feed to EA Sports for each stadium location. Every time a player with a live Internet connection loads a new game, they have the option to choose real-time weather from TWCI. The video game will then use the current conditions at the selected stadium to create the weather experience for that game." I think lots more games would benefit from real-time weather - suggestions?