- So, although our two-time Webby Award winning site Gamasutra is certainly one of the most diverse game websites in terms of amount of correspondents (I'm guessing we have easily 30+ different writers contributing each month), we still have a couple of holes in our portfolio of regional correspondents - maybe GameSetWatch readers or their friends can help out? Here's what we're after:

- There are sometimes press events and smaller conferences in Los Angeles that we don't have time to send our full-time folks (located in San Francisco and Chicago) to. Would be nice to have someone L.A. based we could ping under these circumstances.

- Ditto for Seattle, for example for the upcoming Casual Connect Seattle conference, which we'd love to get someone to cover. But most of our in-house correspondents will be shellshocked, following the close combat experience that will be the E3 Media Summit - thus we turn to you!

- If there are other regional conferences which you happen to be close to, then feel free to ping us at the relevant time. For example, Portland natives, we genuinely would like to cover the Christian Game Developers Conference, but we probably wouldn't send someone up there just to do it. We also might want some help for the Montreal Game Summit this year. (We have New York, Austin, and San Diego _fairly_ well covered.)

- Finally, a couple of long-time wants. Firstly, we've never been able to find an English-speaking journalist based in South Korea who can write eloquently about the game scene over there. We'd want at least a couple of features and maybe regular dispatches, since the ecosystem there is absolutely fascinating. Secondly, we've had mixed luck in grabbing a regular Japanese correspondent, especially one who has press contacts and time to interview Japanese developers (though we have decent coverage from our Japanese-speaking staffers like Brandon Sheffield, when we let him out of his cage!)

We're really looking for people who've written professionally before, and can provide a couple of examples of their writing - ideally in the game space, though knowledge of games is all that really matters here. Punctuality and succinctness are also very important - WiFi and laptops rule the day in today's scoop-heavy society. All of these opportunities are on a freelance, event by event basic, obviously. Send all pitches via [email protected] and we'll pass it on from there, eh?