- Turns out Kyle Gabler and his buddies at 2D Boy, whom we've previously covered here on GSW, have birthed a blog, and there's a new post, 'The Game Design Kiss of Death (or, I hurt you because I love you)', which takes a smart look at art and games.

Gabler laments: "Here’s the problem: I’ve noticed it’s really hard to create a subjectively judged project like a game or music or whatever of high quality if I actually care about it. If I don’t care at all, it’s really easy. What a cruel joke." So sure, it's somewhat about 'writer's block', here.

But it's also about getting so close to something that you have no idea whether it's any good or not. Gabler ends: "What small easy thing can I change to totally change but not change the game so I can play it again for the first time with a fresh perspective? I think I might know of one solution, and it’s the only one I’ve found so I sure hope it works: DISTRACTION." Fun, interesting post - but is he right? [Via Kloonigames]