- Over at his always solid Hollywood Reporter column, Paul Hyman has been discussing indie game site Kongregate.com, with comments on the neat Flash game portal from the site's founder Jim Greer, Manifesto's Greg Costikyan, and myself.

While I love the site, I'm cited expressing a little skepticism on long-time monetization for the site: "I don't know how much Kongregate.com is making from ads... but, for the developers who supply the content, I'm pretty certain that revenue is pretty incremental compared to what one might make selling individual games at $20 a pop. From an independent game advocate's point of view, I do wonder whether giving away games for free will ever make people enough money to live on."

However, don't get me wrong, for game makers who just want to have fun, get noticed in the biz, and make personal art - and those who want to make free Flash games that might turn people on to other paid games - Kongregate (alongside Newgrounds) have a great, swift, easy YouTube-ish angle that encourages a massive variety of games.

In addition Kongregate is looking at alternate monetization ideas, including micro-transactions, according to Greer ("We're considering working with our best developers to create exclusive games for us... which may include a few free maps and then we'd charge $2 or $3 to unlock an additional 10 maps.") This is a really interesting angle to make things even more viable, I think.