- We've previously mentioned the now greatly expanded Let's Play archives, and now Rob 'Xemu' Fermier points out a newish addition rounding up SomethingAwful's collaborative play session on the completely insane ASCII RPG Dwarf Fortress.

Xemu grins over it: " It's a succession game of DF from the Something Awful forums, and I was literally falling over laughing reading it on my laptop over the 4th. Of course, trying to explain to my wife what a "Dwarf Fortress" is and why an internet thread about it is the funniest thing ever is not easy, even when explaining to a fairly tech- and game- savvy woman like Elise is."

Incidentally, I just found the Dwarf Fortress Wiki, and it includes a really handy explanation of the slightly complex overall concept: "Dwarf Fortress is an ASCII game which includes both a roguelike adventure mode and a city management mode similar to Dungeon Keeper. Before you play either mode, though, you must generate a world to play in, which persists until you create a new one."