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Pretty much every freeware PC game that Petri Purho makes over at Kloonigames is worth covering, and following the much-drooled over Crayon Physics, he's now debuted The Amazing Flying Brothers, in which logically enough, "...You play as the infamous flying brothers as they try to perform the flying trapeze act."

Interestingly, this is a basically a one-button game (though it uses the mouse button as well), and as Petri explains: "Only left mouse button is needed. Click it to release your grip. Try to aim for the other swing. Hold left mouse button down to accelerate or to slow down. If you press down, when going down you’ll accelerate. If you press down when going up, you’ll slow down."

Some good comments, both positive and negative, from 'Graham J' in the comments: "The ridiculous bonuses were great as usual. I realize you want to shy away from this, but I love it, in any game. Rolling bonuses have always made me happy.... Too many times I felt like I “almost made it”. Obviously, falling is a big part of this game, but I’d say 1 out of 2 falls, I felt like I planned the jump right, and JUST MISSED. Perhaps if there was a slight gravity towards the beams, or something? Or if he had longer arms?" Whatever the case, for $0, this is a good deal.