- Over at Metanet Software, they've just announced the winners of the N+ level competition, in which a bunch of level-designers have contributed some pretty cool levels for the DS, the PSP, and the XBLA versions of the game.

Firstly, I want to say that it's very cool that the Metanet folks (currently working on Robotology) are getting so much user-created content (from their gigantic online following) into the console versions of the game. This is a great precedent to make - helped by the fact that it's so easy to make N levels.

Over at their blog, the Metanetters have been discussing the 'unique levels for each SKU' concept - here's what they think: "Anyway, there doesn’t really seem to be a down side to having each game come with unique levels — unless for some reason you become obsessed with the thought that somewhere out there are levels you haven’t played. Waiting. Out there. Alone."