- Thanks to GSW reader Joachim Froholt for tipping us the wink that previous IGF finalist "...Switchball has finally been released for the PC." He references the blurb for the Marble Blast vs. Marble Madness-ish title from Swedish developers Atomic Elbow:

"Today Atomic Elbow's first title Switchball was Released! The game is now available for download. The game won the Swedish Game Awards 2005 and has been nominated for IGF 2006 in the technical excellence class. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we've enjoyed developing it since the project started in tiny Kramfors 2004."

And indeed, the PC version is published by Sierra Online, and our tipster points out, from an XBLArcade.com post, that the game has been rated for Xbox 360 by the German USK ratings board, and thus, an XBLA version seems very likely - esp. because Sierra has picked up a bunch of Xbox Live Arcade titles from independent developers recently (and "the PC-version has Xbox-like achievements").

Froholt concludes: "This game is really awesome, with some of the most gorgeous graphics I've ever seen [YouTube PC trailer] and great physics. It's not getting any publicity, though (kind of typical with PC-releases, sadly, the moment it's announced for the XBLA everyone will probably start talking about it)". He's right, sadly, but honestly, XBLA is such a great congregation point for easy download and play on your TV of games like this, which aren't particularly suited for mouse and keyboard. Still, we're talking about the PC version now! Kinda!