- So, Rogue Temple continues to do a sterling job of rounding up the dungeon crawler (as also illuminated by our very own John H. here at GSW), and there's a couple of new posts worth checking.

Firstly, there are some amazing stats on Roguelikes - with when and how often they are updated. Among other things, there's the following in the original post: "It seems last year's low number was a bit of an anomoly as things have perked up this year with 66 roguelikes being updated in the last year." Wow - if just this tiny genre has over 60 active projects, it further shows the massive size of the gaming zooniverse.

Also, the blog points to a nice, comprehensive article called 'Rogue Like Treasure', and counting down the entire history of the genre from a basic but helpful point of view - in case you were wondering what the whole hardcore-ish fuss was about?