- Though I do happen to be out of the country right now, my compadres at Gamasutra are doing an awesome job of covering the E3 Media Summit, including a whole bunch of in-person reports. Here's a few neat and random ones to seize upon:

- Nintendo's ineffable Shigeru Miyamoto had a small group Q&A earlier today, and we sat in. Funniest/scariest comment, on the Wii Balance Board peripheral? "[Miyamoto] mentioned that the Balance Board may need to be redesigned for America, if focus-testing dictates. “We’re certainly thinking about making it American-size for America,” he offered. “We may need to super-size it. We’ve been focus-testing Reggie!”"

- Wideload's Alex Seropian mentioned that he's developing an Xbox Live Arcade game, in addition to the Gamecock-published political party game (!) Hail To The Chimp - explaining: "We have twenty people now. We actually have two teams - one’s doing Hail to the Chimp, which is the Stubbs team with a couple more people of it, and we have a real small team doing games for digital download."

- Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma was also discussing his work on Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and to that end: "Gamasutra inquired as to whether he would be translating off directorial work for the long-term, sticking with his producer role, and if he was interested in working on properties above and beyond Zelda. “This time I worked really closely with the director of the game,” said Aonuma, “and I feel I could work in that capacity, but it depends on how the title progresses.” As to the second point, he stated “I’d love to work on a new title, as original games have been a constant theme for me.”"

- Appropriate silliness to end, and I admit this is my 'tabloid' headline, 'Gamecock's Wilson Ticketed For Chicken Mask Infraction'. According to people 'on the ground': ""The guy asked me what I was doing," said Wilson. "I said I'm driving, what do you think? I actually got stopped twice, and I got a ticket the second time because they thought I had disobeyed the other cop - but he never told me to take the mask off.""

Obviously, we have a whole bunch more high-end interviews from E3 that we'll be spooling out over the next few weeks, after all the insanity has died down. And hurrah to that!