- Well, the last call for Gamasutra correspondents went spectacularly well, since we got a Korean writer, Japan-based developer, and some Casual Connect coverage out of it. So it's time for another call for help, this one European-based.

There's a couple of conferences coming up that we will be getting some coverage at, thanks to our European columnist Jon Jordan, but we could do with further write-ups from (especially notes from sessions that we shape into articles!)

These are next week's Develop Conference in Brighton, and August's GCDC event in Leipzig, which runs alongside the Games Convention there. Oh, and EIEF, come to that. You can get a press pass if you cover for us, obviously.

You don't have to be a super skilled writer, necessarily, to help us out (though full write-ups are glady accepted to!) - just an efficient notetaker who can email us in decent time, and send over decent summaries and quotes from the main sessions. Rewards for interested parties include magazine subscriptions, actual cash money, and, if you're really lucky, a Gizmondo poster featuring Colors. Mail us at [email protected] if you can help out.