- Not sure whether this was directly inspired by GSW's recent post about EA_Spouse and the new Game Developer magazine, but the 'Inner Bits' blog, written by an anonymous game developer, has posted three detailed posts on the state of overtime in today's game business.

The first Inner Bits post takes a perhaps overly bleak, but somewhat realistic look at the problem: "The immediate and obvious reason for this reprehensible practice comes from the fact that businesses suffer no direct cost associated to it... Arguing that unpaid overtime is morally wrong is inherently futile in a capitalistic world. Video game companies are in the business to generate profit and please shareholders."

Moving on, the second post is entitled 'Overtime: The Employer Perspective', and hammers the point home further: "Ideally, management will bring a game in on time, on-target feature wise, with no amount of overtime. Although most industry veterans know that this ideal is rarely achieved, we argue that in order for the industry to truly mature, this ideal needs to become the industry standard, the rule rather than the exception."

Finally, a third post named 'Why We Don't Fight Back' lays it out in black and white, concluding: "So, who is to blame? Companies are guilty of using shady moral tactics to squeeze as much work from employees, but at the end of the day, employees are effectively responsible for their own wellbeing, and the hours they choose to work." All very thought-provoking.