- My colleague Brandon Boyer was nice enough to point out JayIsGames' review of a freshly launched web game that's been causing quizzical looks around the Internet.

As Jay explains: "A new puzzle game with a distinct ARG smell recently popped on the scene without much known about what it is or who is behind it. Ethan Haas Was Right is a mysterious Flash-based website that presents a series of 5 unique puzzles, some original and some rehashed versions of classic puzzle games. Interspersed between the puzzles are video segments containing clues as to the origin and meaning of it all."

Well, turns out it may be related to a new JJ Abrams movie, sometimes named 'Cloverfield', that just started production, ComingSoon.net reckons: "The Hollywood Reporter has also learned that filming began in New York in mid-June. The cast includes Michael Stahl-David ("The Black Donnellys"), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel (Supercross) and Lizzy Kaplan ("The Class")."

Indeed, a recent H&G Summit talk with Jesse Alexander, who has worked with Abrams extensively, reveals the Alias and Lost creator's love of the cross-media play, video games, and the ARG: "Yeah, that was part of what we wanted to make. [Earlier JJ Abrams-created show] Alias came out in 2001, the same time that Neil Young was doing [early subscription-based ARG] Majestic. That was very inspiring to us. His keynote at GDC where he talked about that, was similar to us with Alias, in terms of serialized narrative." Most interesting.