- MattG at Press The Buttons is completely right when he gleefully proclaims 'What This Country Really Needs, Right Now, Is A Doctor Who Game' - and really, this is true for any country you might happen to be in at this precise moment in time.

He further explains: "I'd love to see a modern console game focusing around the Tenth Doctor (as this generation of the character is known) and his human traveling companions. The game could use a new story crafted with the aid of the show's prolific writers or re-enact memorable moments from previous episodes. Either is fine just as long as I get to face down a Dalek or dodge the Toclafane. Better yet, how about a Nintendo Wii-specific version that casts the Wii remote itself as the Doctor's trusty sonic screwdriver."

Heartily agreed - unfortunately, the show (which is currently on the Sci Fi Channel in the U.S., in the early process of its third revitalized season) just isn't big enough in North America to persuade a major player to sign up and make the game - though some lower-end PS2 games have been made just to appeal to European audiences, of course.

But I've been wondering for a while - why not consider XBLA/PSN games based on the license, if they're developed by the BBC itself or a close associate? That way, licensing costs wouldn't be prohibitive and we'd still get some kind of video game in which Daleks hover up stairs. Oh my.