- I keep returning to the positively baleful-looking Nayan Ramachandran's blog HDR Lying, and his latest excellent editorial, from the Japanese-based school teacher and gaming acolyte, is called 'Controlling the Future: Touching the Game Space in the Coming Generation'.

The introduction explains: "The fight to create the new innovative control method for the future of video games has never been so heated as it is right now. With Nintendo introducing the DS in 2005 [EDIT: As noted by JVM in the comments, Holiday 2004 in most territories], and then the Wii in last year’s final months, developers are starting to wrap their heads around new ways to control and interact with the games they create."

However, as Nayan goes on to note: "The dangerous future we face is one that’s already starting the rear its ugly head. Companies see the success of the Wii, and port Playstation 2 and PSP games to the console, slap on gimmicky gestural control, and push it into the market. Others make games for the DS, and instead of designing the game with the DS’ capabilities in mind, add useless second screen functionality, or touch screen control that either does not fully work, or is completely unnecessary."

A fair comment indeed - anyone got good examples of hideously stuck-on gestural/stylus controls for Nintendo format games?