- Happened to be reading the Chronicle Books blog today, and noticed a new post discussing their planned collaboration with Capcom to do detail histories of the Street Fighter and Mega Man franchises in book form in Fall 2008 - neat!

These folks also put out the 'I Am 8-Bit' book, and as assistant editor Matt Robinson explains: "It just so happens that both the Mega Man and Street Fighter franchises celebrated their twentieth anniversaries in 2007, so we’re publishing a compact “complete history” of each in Fall 2008. From napkin-scrawled idea to production to million-selling success, both series’ histories will be told in extreme detail in original text and interviews with the developers, animators, and other industry folks. We’re going to pack in tons of art, too–early concept stuff as well as memorable character sprites."

He adds: "My favorite part may be the package itself, though–these are going to be paperbacks, but they’ll come in a [pictured] partial slipcase that looks like an original Nintendo cartridge sleeve. When I first saw the sample book concept pictured here, I felt like I was transported back to 1989!" Haha, pretty neat - though obviously a bit more relevant for Mega Man than for Street Fighter, which really started in the arcade. Still, I'm sure they will work that out - and it's good to see more book publishers getting excited about games.