- Posty passes on his in-depth report on the recent Midwest Gaming Classic, where they officially crowned the previously GSW-mentioned 'World's Greatest Shmup Player', and it sounds like a pretty intense shooter game experience was had by all.

He notes of the 'contest to end all contests' for shooter fans: "There were five games in the qualifying round: 1943 (PS2 Capcom Classics), Fire Shark (Genesis), River Raid (Atari 2600), Radiant Silvergun (Saturn), and Parodius (Snes import). $5 got you one play on any game, and $10 got you three plays on any games. The highest scoring player for each game received the most tournament points, and the top nine players advanced to the official tournament."

Of course, Posty advanced to the finals, and reveals: "With the pressure on, the games are now: Aerofighters (Snes), Demon Attack (Atari 2600), Blazing Lasers (Turbografx 16), Raiden 3 (ps2), and Mega SWIV (Genesis)." This was the third set of games played (!), and the competition seems to have been spectacularly hardcore all round - the wonderfully named 'DJ Incompetent' won out. Oh, and here's a wonderfully geeky sidenote: "By now the event is running very late since Blazing Lasers is holding everyone up. We actually had to procure a handheld Turbografx console so the final two competitors could play at once!"