- So, I was watching Julien Temple's excellent documentary 'The Filth And The Fury' earlier today, and it really made clear just how iconoclastic and absolutely terrifying The Sex Pistols were in the '70s.

For example - let's not forget that when they got to the top spot in the UK music charts with 'God Save The Queen', there officially was no No.1 single that week - the top spot was just blank in the printed version of the chart countdown.

And it got me thinking - has the game industry got an equivalent of The Sex Pistols? That is to say - a rough and ready, don't give a crap-styled set of rabble rousers who nonetheless start a whole movement?

Well, probably not, since there's nothing that the media and public is quite so abjectly terrified of, nowadays. But here's some nominations for people who at least embody elements of the Sex Pistols' spirit:

- They're English as well, but they don't spit on stage as much - the guys at Introversion Software, headed by Mark Morris, Chris Delay, and Tom Arundel have an attitude, an image, and let's not forget, they can use naughty words to get developers pogo-ing with the best of them. Mind you, they aren't afraid to aim high, too, integrating elements of Malcolm McLaren-esque svengali-ing into their publisher non-f*cking-with. Their long-term goal? "To be the Kubrick / Tarantino of the games industry." Talking a good talk is very Pistols.

- In terms of careful image creation and cooler-than-thou attitude, Rockstar Games, whatever its state under Take-Two's new management, exudes 'don't mess with me' attitude. Like the Sex Pistols, Rockstar speaks to the press little, if ever - exuding disdain along the way (in The Filth And The Fury, inebriated journo Nick Kent admits that the Sex Pistols got on so well with the media because they hated them, and journalists are essentially "masochistic".) And they're drawn to controversial subjects like flies to honey, something the Pistols ('Belsen's A Gas', after all) were also mighty fond of. There's a similar ability to cause outraged politicians and tabloid headlines, too.

- Most of all, I think of Vince Desi and the Running With Scissors clan at GoPostal.com. Desi is a man, lest we forget, who has licensed his key product to Uwe Boll to make a 9/11-aping movie in which he appears as a gigantic penis mascot called 'Krotchy' (tagline - 'Only my father and my priest can touch me there'). They sponsor Mixed Martial Arts fighters for no good reason, and they declare happily: "Running With Scissors develops and publishes outrageous games just for the hell of it." Now that's the deliberately pointless Sex Pistols spirit at work - touche. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?