- After seeing the GSW 'Oh My God' moments call to action, veteran UK journalist Jim Rossignol (PC Gamer, etc!) has posted an Eve Online-themed article called 'The Invasion' on his personal blog, explaining: "As I wrote the article there was, ongoing, one of the largest actions I’d seen in Eve at the time."

Rossignol continues regarding the article, which was going to be published in the same cancelled anthology that I wrote the 'Gospel According To Matthew Smith' piece for, explaining: "Thousands of players were involved in taking territory from a player alliance called ‘The Five’. It was a surprise attack co-ordinating huge fleets over a 48-hour period, an action which resulted in months of conflict for my home alliance. It was incredibly exciting, and even though I’d seen some huge fleet battles by that time, it was that weekend that cemented my ‘Oh my God’ feeling about events in that game."

Also, a great comment at the end of the piece by 'reformed' Eve Online subscriber Janek: "Every victory brought joy, and every defeat brought sorrow, because everything mattered. I feel genuine pride at having been a part of all my corp and its various alliances achieved, and of my own achievements, and though I may be gone, I know the effects of my actions are still felt, still ripple throughout the Eve galaxy."