x.jpg We first mentioned Jason Scott's 'Get Lamp' text adventure documentary way back in December 2005, and work on it appears to be proceeding rather well, as a new post on his ASCII blog explains.

He notes: "Obviously, when I make a documentary, I need a lot of help. Among the help is a series of tools, ranging from the mechanical (HVX-200, piles of energy drink cans), to scripts and software. And among those scripts are little efforts that generate web pages to help me keep track of potential interviewees and completed interviews. The idea is, after the whole thing's wrapped up, I put the resultant pages up and people are very happy with the ability to see all the names and backstories and history of the interviews."

Also, this is a good, if curmudgeonly point: "I hate it when people put up documentary websites that give you crappy flash intros and 'obviously designed by an up and coming art student' pages but not a whole lot of actual researched "meat". I'm not sure why that happens a lot. Maybe people focus too much on the wrong things."

And this documentary is a vital piece of history for video games in general, so I'm delighted that Jason (whose BBS Documentary is awesome - here's a legal .torrent of the 'Art Scene' episode) is being so thorough in working on it - confirmed interviews include Steve Meretzky, Marc Blank, Scott Adams, Andrew Plotkin (who has AWESOME glasses), Richard Bartle, Don Woods, and a host of other notables.