x.jpg Mentioned this to Derek at TIGSource the other day, and he's saved me the trouble of scanning it in, yay - both GameSetWatch and TIGSource, as well as Wired's Game|Life are mentioned in the print edition of Newsweek this week, in the 'Blogwatch' section of the gigantic print entity.

Here's the online version of Blogwatch, which preserves the precise links that the weekly newspaper (circulation 3.16 million!) was referencing: "Looking for a smart take on small, casual games to pass the time? Blog.wired.com/games, gamesetwatch.com and tigsource.com do a good job of surveying the landscape and highlighting some winners."

I'm glad Newsweek thinks we pick out some neat games, but that does remind me that we're only currently categorizing by format (such as PC), and not by game type (casual, indie, etc), so it may be time to look at Movable Type's implementation of tags and start putting those in place, for those who JUST want to look at our indie/casual game recommendations. Oh well, onward and upward!