- Promise not to post too many Gamasutra links in a row, but our big sister site did post something GSW-worthy yesterday - an extract from the upcoming book 'Legend Of The Syndicate', which "...looks at the history of one of the biggest MMO guilds of all time from the perspective of its members."

The book, which will be published by Avari Press and is written by Sean Stalzer, the founder of the guild, which has been running since 1996 (!). The full book is excellent, actually, and much less of a vanity piece than you might reasonably expect, and even the extracts have some excellent historical information in them - here's a couple of paragraphs about the early days of MMO pioneer Ultima Online: "There were two basic types of monsters in that early test: orcs and skeletons. Players could kill each other but since the community was so small and there was really nowhere to hide, large groups of 20 or 30 players would form up and hunt down the offenders."

"It is interesting to note that in hindsight that was actually a bad thing because it incorrectly formed the impression in early MMO developer’s minds that “player justice” would be sufficient to curtail anti-social play. However, in a world as massive as UO is, there were so many places to hide and so many players to try and track down that player justice was, and still is, an abysmal failure. There has to be an automated set of game mechanics to assist players. That lesson is still being learned in some gaming worlds, today." Lessons!