- Since it's Father's Day this Sunday, we kinda blew things out on Gamasutra yesterday with two notable features. The first finished up talking to game developers about their kids, revealing that Sid Meier likes rawking out with his 16-year-old son ("Right now, we're playing Guitar Hero II which is just an incredible, fun game. ")

But the other feature, by veteran game animator Erik Van Pelt, is called 'How Killing People With My Dad Improved Our Relationship', and it's a neat look at why family dynamics can actually be enhanced by games, as opposed to politicians' sometimes lazy claims that they're the "...social evil of choice to rally against in brandishing their family values."

Van Pelt particularly notes: "I am the kind of person that when I find something I enjoy I like to share it with friends, especially if it makes the experience more enjoyable for me. Video games are no different. It’s just more enjoyable to play with people you know and like than strangers who often don’t even speak the same language and sometimes can be just plain offensive. Additionally, it is unquestionably much more enjoyable to own bragging rights over friends and family." Totally pwned.