- So the GPS-enabled version of Everybody's Golf (aka Minna No Golf) for PlayStation Portable just came out in Japan, and NCSX has the details - but what I found fascinating was the way it uses the PSP's GPS add-on.

For some reason, I presumed that the game would use GPS in its gameplay somehow, but no - it's much more bizarre than that! The game does "...double duty as a digital caddy if you're actually at a golf course in Japan. PSP owners living in Japan armed with the GPS Receiver and a copy of the game can visit one of 31 golf courses in Chiba Prefecture and play real golf with a virtual caddy."

So, in fact, it's just a completely different 'real-life golf helper' app which has nothing to do with play - other than happening to use the same courses that the actual game is played on. NCSX continues: "The game package includes two UMDs - the first UMD contains recreations of golf courses that are located in southern Chiba while the second UMD hosts courses from northern Chiba... For players who utilize the virtual caddy GPS function of the software, the distance to a hole may be calculated in real time to determine which club to use."

I guess it's an interesting concept, but it's a bit bizarre overall - I want some actual everyday uses of GPS without going to particular golf courses in Chiba. I wonder how much uptake in revenue those courses are gonna see from having a video game version available to entice keen golfers?