- Everyone's favorite obscure unofficial GameTap UI blog Angled Whiteboards has updated with this week's premium additions to the 'all you can eat' download service, also now in various slightly odd 'free' versions on GameTap.com, and it turns out subscribers get a Schafer-tastic treat.

Yep, looks like Double Fine's Psychonauts is now available for play, along with Metal Slug 3 and King Of Fighters 97, but blogger Xamount is more obsessed with Twinkle Star Sprites, which is multiplayer playable on the service: "What a brilliant game this is. A shmup with two-player puzzle game conventions? YES PLEASE. I didn’t even know I wanted a puzzle game/shmup mashup (mashmup?) until Twinkle Star Sprites."

Meanwhile, a quick peek at upcoming games reveals that, alongside all the various Neo Geo games that GSW already mentioned, a couple of vaguely interesting Eidos-published PC SKUs are wandering along in an un-named time frame, in the form of the originally Deus Ex-monikered Project: Snowblind and Rebellion's very 2000AD-licensed (well, they own the mag, of course!) Rogue Trooper.