- The other evening, I was happily playing along in Medium mode on Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360, and - at the point of an encore, about halfway through the mode, it happened. What happened? A heavens-to-Betsy 'Oh My God' gaming moment - which I'm sure all of you have had in the past at some point.

What conflation of events made me so ecstatic? Well, take a finely crafted Harmonix rhythm game, always one of my favorite genres (and I loved Frequency and Amplitude, too), and add a little Spinal Tap - whom I'm proud to say I caught live with Steve Vai in San Francisco during their last tour - that's a great start.

More specifically, the track in question is 'Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight' - you just wait for the breakdown before the guitar solo comes in, and then hit Star Power and jam it, and - not a dry seat in the house, indeed. Then slam happily into the end of the song to see... the drummer explode onscreen. Even yet another Spinal Tap reunion can't compare to that particular piece of video game magic.

- So I guess what I'm saying is that everyone has a certain combination of gameplay styles, visuals, music, effects, and personal loves that can come together in a special moment. And it's not quite the same as other creative media, because you're interacting with the game and affecting the outcome.

Thus, my GameSetQ to you, kind reader, is as follows. Whether it be in Rez, Zelda, Psychonauts, or a host of other games, what single crowning moment in video gaming has blown you away with how much you enjoy it, on a visceral level, a humor level, or even a deeply emotional level?