- We really are pumping out a good deal of original content at Gamasutra, Game Career Guide, GamesOnDeck, and our various other sites and events of late (ah yeah, and The Hollywood & Games Summit is next week, too) - so here's a few of the ones that I figured you crazies might enjoy checking out:

- GameTap's Animextravaganza!: On Gama, we quizzed GameTap's Ricardo Sanchez on ReVisioned, their game-themed animation series that's starting by letting Aeon Flux's Peter Chung loose on Lara Croft. This rather neat-looking and presumably not cheap series (GameTap.com has a teaser in the videos section) is gonna have multiple arcs with other characters, too: "The second season is quite different from the first, as it will feature six different IP that share a common theme, explored and created by different creative teams. Season three is about exploring a single IP, with a single team doing a multi-part story."

- GDC China Up & Running: For all of you in the Shanghai area (or with interests in the Asian game market!) - our colleagues just opened registration for GDC China, organized in conjunction with GamePro/E For All owners IDG, and taking place August 27-29, 2007 at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Plenty of top Chinese speakers, from what I've heard, and also some interesting Western ones: "Headlining the Online Game Development and Business track is David Perry, CEO & Founder of Gameconsultants.com. Paul Steed, Co-Founder & CCO of Exigent, will address "Why Cultural Training is Crucial to Outsourcing" on the Outsourcing and Next Generation Games track." There's more info at the official site, anyhow.

- Kalman What What?: Yes, this is super duper hardcore, but we ran a feature called ' Where's the Wiimote? Using Kalman Filtering To Extract Accelerometer Data' on Gamasutra - and it's almost as complicated as the title. Anyhow, it involves using complex algorithms to get the Wiimote behaving itself, and there's a rather immortal comment in the intro, explaining the need for greater filtering: "In the bowling game I have been soundly defeated by a 7 year old. While that in and of itself is not an issue, he usually beats me by swinging his arm in a random convulsive fashion behind his back."

- Lego Of Physics!: A new Gamasutra feature, called 'Publishers And Developers, Living Together - NetDevil's Scott Brown On The New Paradigm', discusses the somewhat surprising resurgence of the Auto Assault creator, having muscled through the auto combat flop to sign the 'Lego Universe' MMO and a number of other projects. Particularly notable, when referencing their currently PhysX hardware card-exclusive Warmonger: "We’re evaluating if it makes more sense to make some of the game not require the accelerator so you can see the difference. And also, maybe get a little more exposure for the title." Is Ageia finally limping into submission, I wonder?

[Also debuting on our sites recently - a neat chat with 'Central Clancy Writer' at Ubisoft, Richard Dansky, a look at AiLive's Wiimote AI tool, as seen at the AIIDE conference at Stanford recently, and a postmortem of Carnegie Mellon's Northrop Grumman Recruitment Game over at GameCareerGuide (!), plus a slightly odd Gama opinion piece claiming that interactive DVD games are 'the next big thing' - hey, that's why it's an opinion!]