- So most of the time, on the 'new' GameSetWatch, I'll be doing the multiple-link thing to lots of interesting external sites. But from time to time, we'll want to highlight an individual story that really makes a difference - and in this case, EGM's massive 'The Future Of Videogames' feature is just that story.

As is explained in the intro to the piece, reprinted on Ziff's 1UP.com portal: "We've asked experts across the industry to track the next 20 years of everything from game-design trends to the evolution of your living room. A two-decade forecast, we figure, is near-term enough to be tangible (we're staying away from silly sci-fi stuff) but far enough out to fire up your imagination."

There are seven parts in total - all well worth reading, but some of the highlights are the 'Controls' section, dealing with Emotiv's mind-activated game controller, the 'Genres' area, with Halo 3 Design Lead Jaime Griesemer suggesting: "I think you are going to see a lot of FPS games drop the "S" and start making action games from the first-person perspective that don't have guns in them. Call them FPX games", and the future of 'Players' - the inevitable future when everyone becomes a gamer.

Anyhow, the feature is worth checking out because it doesn't get too crazed when predicting the future, and it's the kind of thoughtful omnibus article that hardly anyone does on the web, because of the time and care needed to compile it. Which is a major shame. Thanks, EGM.