x.jpg Sometime Joystiq columnist and VGMWatch escapee Kyle Orland pinged me about his dangerous new project, 'Games For Lunch', which seems to do - exactly what it says on the tin: "Games for Lunch is a playlog. Every day I play one game for an hour and blog about my experience. At the end, I review the game based on the only real criteria that matters to me: Do I want to keep playing?"

Sure, he gets reflexively a tad defensive in the initial FAQ, responding to the imagined slight 'This isn't really a fair way to review games' by noting: "You're right, playing a game for just an hour really isn't fair to the game as a whole. Still, I feel that with the vast majority of games, you've seen most of what the game has to offer after an hour." And you know, that's not a horrific statement. [OR IS IT?]

Anyhow, the first content post is for the Halo 3 Beta, and he echoes what I've pretty much found so far: "It occurs to me that the other people playing this game in the middle of the day probably have enough free time to put in a lot more practice than I have. Thus I rationalize yet another crappy performance."

Overall, the game gets a 'maybe' for longer-term play just because: "I can't see myself putting in the hours to actually become good enough to hold my own at multiplayer." Hey, Bungie/Microsoft, can't you create a playpen for us malco-ordinated kiddies?