x.jpg Import store NCSX is good at laying out the latest weird Japanese game/toy imports, and it's just posted lots of pictures of the Square Enix Master Arms collectibles, which are "...scaled replicas of recognizable weapons from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts."

They've gone a little watermark-happy on their extremely useful photos of the just-received replica mini-weapons, which are "Cerberus (15cm length or 5.90" long)... [not pictured, here's a close-up of] Keyblade (18cm length or 7.08" long)... Seifer's Gunblade (26cm length or 10.23" long)... Squall's Gunblade (23cm length or 9.05" long)."

They also handily note, for those worried (or keen!) to exploit the weapon angle: "The blades on the two Gunblades are made of a metal alloy but don't have sharp edges. Run your fingers underneath them and you won't be bleeding afterwards. The points of the blades are sharp however and we don't recommend making stabbing motions when you're holding either Gunblade. Someone could feel threatened." Anyhow - not a gigantic Final Fantasy fan, but these are beautifully designed.