- Thanks to Shawn McGrath for sending over info on his new PC/Mac/Linux freeware title, XIQ, which is, reversibly enough, "...inspired by the arcade classic QIX", and was made at the 2nd annual Toronto Game Jam - which looks to have been a v.neat event - full game list from it coming soon.

For this abstract shooter (mmm, abstract shooter - there's a video at the bottom of the info page!): "The objective is to create boxes on the screen that enclose triangles. You shoot lines in four directions using wasd and move with the arrow keys (gamepad works too). You can use the lines both offensively, (creating boxes), and defensively, (blocking off space, creating safe paths to move, etc)."

What's more: "There's four powerups - two that stay on the screen permanently, (and cause great distraction if you leave them for too long), and two temporary ones that are risky to try to get, but are often life-saving." Looks like a well-designed retro treat - and honestly, judging by the video, this is the first game in which I've ever found vector-based triangles to be menacing. So that's a big plus.