- GSW is definitely a fan of Rogue-likes, as can be seen by an entire column devoted to the subject, courtesy of John Harris - and no doubt he'll be delighted to learn of the brand new 'Temple Of The Roguelike' blog, dedicated to the dungeon crawler in all its many-tentacled forms.

Quite apart from alerting us to wackiness like the latest version of Gearhead 2, "...the roguelike game of inertia space mechafighting and random plots", the new site has a rather good interview with Glenn Wichman, one of the creators (alongside Michael Toy and others) of the original and much-cloned Rogue.

Wichman reveals one particularly good reason why Rogue-likes are still interesting today - the random factor, still spectacularly underexploited in mainstream games: "IMHO, The quintessential feature of a Roguelike is that the computer creates a world for you to explore. The adventure has to be different every time, and the game has to be capable of surprising even its creators." [Via TIGSource.]