- Got an interesting note from Australian machinima/short movie maker Thuyen Nguyen: "Thought you might be interested in a short film I just completed. About a month ago, I read what seemed to be daily reports of the "games are bad" variety. As a gamer, I disagree, of course. But why is that?"

He continues: "Thus, I put my feelings about what games mean to me into a 5-minute film [called 'The Most Powerful Person In The World' - YouTube Link, Archive.org link.]. To my knowledge, there hasn't been a "love letter" like this before. It's quite "artsy", but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless."

And, you know - I did enjoy it, even if the concept of fan-made videos cutting up game segments tends to fill me with dread. But it seems to have a little soul and thought behind it, with an 'inspiration' credit to pensive art-film 'Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait', a loping idm soundtrack by Finnish musician & Monotonik-releasing buddy Lackluster, and some of my favorite moments from games collaged artfully. I guess when games can have memorable collages like this, we know we're getting somewhere with the artform, hm?

[For those wanting to know more about Nguyen, there's a mini-profile of his work up on the MachinimOz site, specifically discussing some of the machinima he's made using The Sims, such as 'An Unfair War'.]