- We previously posted about this, but now the ArcadeFlyers.com folks, have passed on the good news - the new parts of their massive archive, covering other arcade equipment, are now online.

Here's the specifics with links:"The pinball flyer archive includes electromechanical, solid state, bingo, video pinball and pinball redemption. The arcade and amusement game flyer archive includes an even wider assortment of game types, including pitch n' bat, rifle, bowler, novelty, driver, wall, 16mm film and other electromechanical and novelty coin-op equipment."

Thus far: "Over the last six weeks we scanned 400 flyers each for the new archives, and this is just the beginning! In the coming months you can expect to see 50 to 100 new flyers each month so check back often!" There's already some awesome material up there, from Gottlieb's Jungle Queen pinball machine to Sega's dubiously themed 'Cut The Cheese' redemption machine. Or no redemption, depending on who you're talking to.