- We previously mentioned the distinctly eyebrow-raising student game 'Scientology Pwned' - and look, there's been a comment on that GSW post since I last checked it:

"The next case of a killed Scientologist might be traced right back to this site, stirring up hatred and murder. Think about it."

True or not, Derek at TIGSource has a new update revealing: "Zi-Xiao Liang, creator of Scientology PWNED, has informed me that his game (in which you blow away the faithful followers of Xenu) was the target of local police, who are making him change the name of the game."

There's an IGDA forums thread from Liang in which he explains: "I got a call from Detective Chris Kiriakopoulos from the Hamilton Central Police Station's Hate Crime Unit/Intelligence Branch [and then Liang visited the police station for questioning].... we play Q&A for a while regarding my background. Kiriakopoulous begins by asserting my game borders a hate crime. So I spend a while convincing him: a) my game is not motivated by hate b) I had neither the intention nor the capacity to carry out attacks against scientologists c) scientology is not a religion in canada. d) the game is not solicited and therefore I'm not actively advocating anything."

He continues: "A reoccurring question Kiriakopoulous kept asking was "Given that your game has offended people, what do you plan to do?" To which I initially responded "nothing" since I was under the impression offending people isn't a hate crime. He didn't like that answer too much.... anyways, in the end he 'suggested' I change the name of the game to something which made no reference to Scientology. He didn't mind me keeping the sprites, bullets, blood etc." Interesting, to say the least - again, I don't know that the game has a particularly sophisticated social message, but there are potent freedom of speech issues in there.