- Game designer Mike Bithell pinged me about this a few days ago, but I forgot to post it until Gnome reminded me - ah, and now I see that TIGSource has reviewed it, too - 'it' being Mike's new Flash game Reunion.

Derek Yu at TIGSource is a bit on the fence about the game: "In the game, you control a sleeping boy by leading him with fireflies. Even though I really dig the concept, in practice it ends up being rather unwieldy. The worst part is that every time you fall into a pit or otherwise go off the path, the wind sends you back to the beginning of the level."

However, I really loved the interactive intro, and this is from the same person who created the previously GSW-mentioned Visiting Day homebrew title for PSP, and it's totally free, too - so that's good news all round. Maybe a candidate for Kongregate uploading to get a higher profile, Mike?