gow2.jpg[In this editorial, Game Developer and Insert Credit's Brandon Sheffield has a brief little rant at the controversy over a goat, some cooked innards, and Kratos. Is it all a little bit silly? He thinks so!]

The recent fervor over the Sony event for God of War II strikes me as nothing short of ridiculous. As you may recall, naysayers objected to the presence of a semi-decapitated goat, from which you could eat pre-prepared goat meat, and girls whose breasts were painted, with no extra covering.

I myself am a vegetarian - I know what meat is and where it comes from. Do you? What is the difference between a dead goat on a table, and a pot of goat stew? Hamburgers are served at many game events - nobody experiences outrage. Is it upsetting to know where your food comes from? Is that the problem?

Sony purchased this goat from a butcher shop - they did absolutely no wrong. It riles me to ridiculous levels that people would decry this, then turn around and get some fried chicken or something of that nature - no less barbaric, and in fact arguably quite a bit worse, since you're completely removed from the slaughtering process - you don't even know what you're getting.

Then there's the 'topless' girls bit. I see practically no difference between girls with painted breasts and girls in skin-tight costumes, which you see, again, at nearly every game event. Unless you're some sort of staunch prude who finds the human body offensive, girls who are paid to walk around topless are hardly different from girls paid to walk around in fitted clothing - both are there specifically to be ogled by (theoretically) drooling games press.

To me, Sony's approach was very honest and real. And it strikes me that people complaining about this, and not game industry events in general, is complete hypocrisy. Is it embarrassing to be faced with breasts and gore in reality? We try to defend it in games, don't we? Is this direct approach more offensive because it shows us who we really are?

Certainly that was not Sony's intention, that's a bit too postmodern, but it's clearly the result. Meat is meat. Girls paid to be stared at are girls paid to be stared at. If you can't deal with it, either grow up, or move to a safer society, if you can find one. Good luck.