- We covered the web software acting like video games meme just the other week, and now, Kevnull.com has posted an in-depth critique called 'Iminlikewithyou and Game Design in the Web'.

This is a little abstract to explain, but the currently invite-only dating-ish website works like this: "Iilwy is based on “games” each person creates. Players use the in game point system to “bid” on games. The top 5 bidders at the end of the game are eligible to be picked as the winner by the game owner and the winner and game owner are subsequently contacts who can contact each other through the site messaging system."

The blogger, Kevin Cheng, is impressed with the concept: "Iilwy’s game system is actually a great system for meeting and filtering new people well beyond just the dating realm. In this case, a barrier that makes doing something harder is desired and very deliberate in its design." So how about that - couldn't this kind of thing be set up in an MMO, as well, with creative challenges between players awarded as an explicit game feature? Or is it already? Looking outside conventional games for game design is looking increasingly interesting. [Via Waxy.]