- There's an excellent editorial over at HDRLying called 'Board Games and Portable Heroes: Gaming Accessibility and Ease of Entry in the Modern World' which talks about how games need to change for the modern gamer's time availability.

There's nothing that's that new here in the intro, though it's explained eloquently: "With age, comes heaping responsibility, and diminishing free time. I spend an excess of 8-10 hours at work. Many times I have no time to play games at night time after work, either because social responsibility calls, or I merely feel too drained from the day`s events to undertake a long play session."

But there is an interesting variant for commuting on public transport: "Since I moved to Japan, I began taking the train to work instead of driving, which left me with at least 45 minutes each day with little to do but admire the scenery. Then, at work, I find myself with a couple hours of rest time on my hands, yet again having little to do. Just a few short weeks after taking the job, I found myself bringing a DS to work each day, playing RPGs and long sprawling adventures with little hesitation." So... should game companies analyze commuting trends in different countries to decide what type of portable games to design?