- So, Michael Zenke, whom you also know as Slashdot Games editor Zonk, has been helping us out with his awesome GSW column 'MMOG Nation', based on his blog of the same name, over the past few weeks and months.

Sadly, this is no longer to be the case, as he explains on his MMOGNation.com blog: "You’ve probably noticed that my ruminations on the GameSetWatch site have been absent from the site of late. The reason is that, following some discussions allll the way back at GDC, the ‘MMOG Nation’ column has found a new home. Now to be known as ‘Massive Update’, it’s going to try to be a slice of the previous week from the Massive perspective."

He explains: "It will still feature my opinions, but instead of a grand subject I’ll be focusing on concrete things that have happened in the recent past... The keenest bit? Massive Update’s new home is the 1UP Network" - and here's the first 1UP Massive Update column.

Congrats to Michael for getting picked up by the Ziff folks, and many thanks to him for his excellent MMO column-ing that he did for us over the past few months - as you may recall, the columns here are done on a slightly voluntary basis for a slightly random audience, so we're very happy if people go on to bigger and more trafficked things.