- Over at the indie game love-in that is Gibbage, they've revealed a bunch of info about Kudos: Rock Legend, the PC 'life sim' strategy game follow up that continues the GSW-mentioned title by means of LOUD ROCK MUSIC and star-making shenanigans. Neat!

Explaining the game, creator Cliff Harris sez: "Kudos: Rock Legend casts the player as the singer in a band. You can choose your avatar from some presets, before putting together a backing band made up of up to 5 members... Each musician has their own attributes - ability, motivation personality etc. Some are articulate (great for interviews) some are photogenic, some are lazy, pessimistic, egotistical etc. Some are destructive and can cause damage backstage and smash up instruments."

What's more: "You write songs by slotting together different song ideas in a minigame, and you can ‘unlock’ more ideas through seeing rival bands, playing great gigs or listening to CDs." Oh yeah, and: "The game's music was sung specially by Julianne Regan, who was the singer for All About Eve, all those years ago." OK, you would think that would be on the shoegaze/folk-y end of rawwwk, but it's an awesome get for an indie music game, don't you think? I guess Regan's collaborative project Jules Et Jim does music for a few games, actually - neat.