- Look see, no sooner had we linked up Jesper Juul's excellent history of 'match 3' puzzle games, than he admits that he's just released a PC casual game, 'High Seas - The Family Fortune', which he co-designed and programmed, and is based at least partly on what he learned researching the article.

Here's an overview of the game, in which you play disaffected traveler Tricia McDormand, using her father's treasure map: "With the map in hand, players join Tricia as she sails the seven seas in search of the mysterious family fortune. In order to power Tricia’s ship, players must drag rows of jewels and align them by shape or color - and receive big bonuses for aligning by shape and color."

Juul particularly notes of the title: "Yes! It is a matching tile game, but with some radical twists!... Physics model: You can interact with all tiles on the screen, all the time... No waiting for tiles to fall. Free interaction without making matches... Match on shape or color... Developed story (!): Tricia travels the world following her grandma’s map in search of the Family Fortune." Seems like it mixes things up in an enticing way - anyone had a chance to play it and would like to comment on whether it evolves the genre at all?