- Over at excellent indie game site GameTunnel, Gish co-creator Josiah Pisciotta has revealed actual sales on the IGF-winning blob platformer, and it's OK, but a little underwhelming for the indie PC gaming world.

Why? Well, even though it was a high-profile IGF winner, the Chronic Logic guys sold 4521 copies only through their website, for a total of about $81,000. After the retail/affiliate income and the IGF winnings, they ended up netting about $121,000 - not bad for a game done in 6 months by 3 people, but not spectacularly impressive.

As Josiah notes: "As you can see Gish did not sell well in retail or on other sites and the majority of income generated from Gish (67%) was from direct sales through chroniclogic.com. Gish also missed out on a number of opportunities that could generate a lot more income such as North American retail and console distribution because of a lack of a shared vision among the developers."

My point of view is, partly, that digital distribution of PC indie games was still becoming accepted when Gish launched in 2004, and that I suspect less well-known games are doing better now. As an example, I heard anecdotally (and unconfirmedly) that Armadillo Run may have sold at least 5,000 copies directly from its website.

In addition, it seems fairly easy to rack up 20 or 30,000 paid downloads at $10 each if you can get on Xbox Live Arcade as a console-based indie. There are _wildly_ diverging opinions about whether console distribution is good or practical for indies, but I think it aggregates the hardcore indie-friendly consumers and makes it easy for them to pay, so it's a very good thing. But we need more data points! Anyone else want to volunteer figures, esp. for XBLA titles and major PC indies?